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December 11, 2013
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She had been shadowing him for a while now. She knew what he was, and luckily for her he didn’t seem to have the slightest idea of what she was or that she was even there.

They knew each other as Humans, as fellow students, and then at the same time she knew him as what he really was: a Demon. He hadn’t been hard to find; the white hair and red eyes were a dead giveaway. He didn’t do much to change his look from Demon to Human, it seemed.

She, on the other hand, was in full disguise every time the two had even as much as glanced at each other: always with the (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and (s/c) skin hiding what lay just beneath.

Now, though, for the sake of convenience, she had dropped her guise and appeared as any other Shadow. Pitch-black hair, yellow eyes that almost shone on their own and her skin a deep grey. This made travel convenient, as she could easily slip in and out of her element: the blacker, the better, as it were.

Her clothes were completely black as well, her long coat nearly dragging along the ground as she continued following her target. She was at a disadvantage, though: she was alone. Shadows almost always hunted and struck in packs; only the oldest even considered working alone. Demons, on the other hand, most often if not always worked alone, she knew that much, so she had no doubts that her target could easily take her out on his own. She should have found the others!

She could scold herself for it later, or let the king do it when she got back; right now she had a target to follow.

He was walking at quite a leisurely pace, whistling an odd tune softly. The Shadow kept her piercing eyes locked on him as she silently followed him, monitoring every move he made. He kept walking calmly and seemingly oblivious to her until he reached the dock. He stopped up and sighed deeply, his breath showing in the cold air. He turned his head over to the side, coincidently to where the Shadow was hiding.

“You can come out, you know,” he spoke quietly, well aware that she could hear him. “You can’t hide from me.” A confident and unpleasant toothy grin spread on his face as (Y/n) gasped before smirking herself.

“My, my,” she spoke and stepped out confidently, hands in the pockets of her coat. “How could you tell?”

The Demon turned around and looked straight at her, blood red orbs attempting to pierce glowing yellow pits.

“Opposites attract,” he said nonchalantly. “That’s the law.”

(Y/n)’s eyebrow rose slightly at his statement, though it was true. Both species were adapted for the same, well, almost: Demons had evolved to not live in the light and Shadows had evolved to live in darkness; and though there might not seem to be a distinct difference between the two environments the need for adaptation had created two very distinct creatures. One of them white and red, the other black and yellow, in all their simplicity. And it was true that Demons and Shadows often gravitated to each other, but why was not clear.

“True,” (Y/n) barely more than whispered, her eyes narrowing.

The Demon chuckled quietly, shaking his head slightly.

“Why were you stalking me?” he asked, the smile vanishing as his red eyes snapped to the Shadow in front of him.

“Opposites attract,” was her simple reply, which made the Demon smile in amusement.

“You’re way more fun than any of your kind I ever met before,” he stated and laughed. “And sharp, too.”

“Why, thank you,” (Y/n) retorted sarcastically with a grin of her own, sharp teeth showing.

“Way more fun,” came the Demon’s borderline husky reply and (Y/n) looked to his lips in time to see his tongue disappear again.

“Hold your horses, big boy,” (Y/n) said with a sly grin. “Don’t you want to know my name first? Because I sure want to know yours.” She slipped into an almost seductive tone near the end and her eyes became half-lidded.

“Gilbert,” the Demon replied curtly.

“What an odd name for a Demon,” (Y/n) mused for a short while, before slowly walking closer to the Demon. “I’m (Y/n).”

“Odd name for a Shadow, wouldn’t you say?” Gilbert barely more than mumbled and grabbed a lock of her black hair.

“I suppose,” (Y/n) replied, placing her hands on the Demon’s chest. “But that’s a conversation you better save for someone else.”

“Not much of a talker?” Gilbert asked amused.

“Shadows have a tendency not to be,” (Y/n) replied in a husky whisper.

“Tell me, then,” the Demon said nearly seductively and leaned slightly closer to the Shadow. “Do Shadows scream?”

The Shadow chuckled and looked straight into the Demon’s eyes.

“Only when you can make us,” she replied in the same tone he had, making him chuckle huskily.

“May I?”

“If you think you can.”

And as the Demon leaned the last bit of way to the Shadow she couldn’t help but think:

She knew she was going to come home smelling of Demon and that the king would be absolutely furious with her, but for once in her life she didn’t care. For as the saying goes: Opposites attract.

May I first say: Oh lord, the pun! :XD:
Second: RRRRING-DING-DING! It's the first round of Find the Reference(s)! (Cookie to anyone that gets them ;) Which means many cookies...)

Nonsense aside, I feel like I've been very active lately ('cuz I have) and I'm afraid I'm just spamming you by now. I apologise for that.
This spawned from me listening to "Scream" by BoA and how, I don't know, since this has borderline nothing to do with that song.
I really did try to go for the opposites as much as possible, both in the looks and the different behaviour of the two "species" (as seen in the story) though demons and shadows usually are not seen as opposites (I think), but meh, I wanted to.

Alright, hope you enjoyed~!

I don't own Hetalia, Hidekaz Himaruya does
I don't own you, it almost seems like the king does, doesn't it?
I own- what the hell is it I've written?
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